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 Whats New:
Microsoft Streets and Trips

Microsoft has added new maps and 88,000 more miles for road.  Streets and Trips allows you to plan a vacation or a weekend trip right from your laptop or PC. 
 Current News:
HP, IBM and Dell Launch servers with new processors

Intels latest microprocessor the Xeon 5600 promices to improve performance and power usage.  The three companies are launching a new line of servers the will be able to house the Xeon 5600 quad-core and six-core processors.
 New Laptops:

HP updates their laptop processors

HP is updating their processors to the new i5 and i7 in their ultraprotable laptops.  The i-series has only been in desktops and large screen laptops.  This change will make the small laptops just as powerful as the larger ones.


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Our service on desktops is top notch. We can repair or replace almost all parts and bring your machine back to optimal performance. Every machine we work on in any way comes back clean and looking its best. Virus's and spyware protection are becoming bigger and bigger problems every day. We will clean your desktop of all virus's, spyware and ad-aware before your machine is returned to you. Before we do any work on your machine you can either recieve a phone call or email, whichever you perfer. If parts need to be ordered we will find the best prices we can and give you a quote. Some instances we can give you a quote on the spot. We pride ourselves in our work ethic and the way we conduct business. If you are not happy in any way we will fix the problem.


 Most people may think that laptops are easy to work on because they are a lot smaller then normal computers.  In reality, they are extremely hard to work on because the parts are smaller and there is alot of moving parts in a small package.  You also have to be extremely careful around laptops, if you spill something on it, in most cases its trash.  With desktops if you spill something on the keyboard you just have to replace that damaged part.  We can work on and upgrade most laptops.  In some cases it is possible that the laptop just need more memory or a bigger hard drive.  Just like our other services, before we do any work or order parts you will be notified.


When is comes to servers, there is a lot of work involved and it is very tedious.  Most homes do not have servers because they are mainly used for large networks and businesses.  For those clients who do not know what a server is, here is a quick defination.  A server is a computer that provides services used by other computers.  For example a web server provides web pages.  HTC Systems can program and personally set up the server in most situations.  Servers do require a lot of work and time, but we get it done as fast as possible.  In most situations we can come to your home or place of business and try to fix the problem.  If the problem is severe enough we will have to arrange some time to have the server out of service while repairs or upgrades are performed.