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Whats New:
Microsoft Streets and Trips

Microsoft has added new maps and 88,000 more miles for road.  Streets and Trips allows you to plan a vacation or a weekend trip right from your laptop or PC. 
Current News:

HP, IBM and Dell Launch servers with new processors

Intels latest microprocessor the Xeon 5600 promices to improve performance and power usage.  The three companies are launching a new line of servers the will be able to house the Xeon 5600 quad-core and six-core processors.
 New Laptops:

HP updates their laptop processors

HP is updating their processors to the new i5 and i7 in their ultraprotable laptops.  The i-series has only been in desktops and large screen laptops.  This change will make the small laptops just as powerful as the larger ones.


HTC Systems was founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas.  HTC System's originally built custom designed desktops and servers as requested by clients.  This included servicing the hardware as required once the hardware was deployed.  At that time, it was possible to build custom hardware and compete.

In 1997 HTC System's was moved to the Wausau, Wisconsin area.  After 11 years , the hardware business had changed.  It was no longer possible to build custom hardware and compete with the big box stores and online organizations like Dell, HP and others.

At this time, HTC Systems decided to partner with Dell.  HTC Systems became a Dell Solution Provider.  This allowed HTC Systems to again compete in the rapidly changing hardware market, and further diversify into providing conculting services to many organizations.  This has included large corporations, large school districts, medium and small business, churches and residential clients.