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Whats New:
Microsoft Streets and Trips

Microsoft has added new maps and 88,000 more miles for road.  Streets and Trips allows you to plan a vacation or a weekend trip right from your laptop or PC. 
Current News:
HP, IBM and Dell Launch servers with new processors

Intels latest microprocessor the Xeon 5600 promices to improve performance and power usage.  The three companies are launching a new line of servers the will be able to house the Xeon 5600 quad-core and six-core processors.
New Laptops:

HP updates their laptop processors

HP is updating their processors to the new i5 and i7 in their ultraprotable laptops.  The i-series has only been in desktops and large screen laptops.  This change will make the small laptops just as powerful as the larger ones.

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What antivirus solution is recommended for residential clients?

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What adware-malware solution is recommended?

  • HTC Systems highly recommends the following free software, Ad-Aware.
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What spyware-malware solution is recommended?

  • HTC Systems highly recommends the following free software, Spybot S&D.
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How do I determine if my system is a 32-Bit or a 64-Bit system?

  • Click here to see Microsofts specific instructions.
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Is there a local Internet Service Provider that is recommended by HTC Systems??

  • HTC Systems has partnered with Virtual Vision in Wausau.  HTC Systems can provide a full suite of internet services including provide web hosting, email services etc.  Click here to see all services.
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What are the hours of availabity for HTC Systems?

  • HTC Systems provides most support after 5:30 pm weekdays, and anytime on weekends.
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Does HTC Systems provide networking Support?

  • HTC Systems is well suited for supporting medium and small businesses, as well as residential customers, including wireless networking.
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Does HTC Systems provide server support?

  • Yes, HTC Systems currently supports all Microsoft servers, from 2000 Server through 2008 Server R2.
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Does HTC Systems have a recommendation for computer recycling??

  • HTC Systems has partnered with David Adams from "Free Computer Recycling". Feel free to send us an email, and we will put you in contact with David who is a military Veteran. David will contact you and make all the arrangements required.
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Is HTC Systems a Packers fan??

  • Of course, and we love brats too!
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